Welcome to the five-minute fix - knowing exactly how and when to create, produce, sell, and get paid.

I say a five-minute fix because the tool at the end is only going to take about five minutes to figure out exactly where you and your clients are in the business cycle. There's going to be a little bit of discussion before that, so I can paint the picture of how this actually works scientifically.

5 Min Fix

If you did not get an opportunity to jump on a blueprint phone call with me, where we build out the blueprint for you, then I want you to take that opportunity to book a call with me.

I promise it will be the most valuable thing you can do for yourself and your business.

Now, As I said, it's a free opportunity to build a blue blueprint for your business.

  1. The Instant Game Plan
    1. having a game plan in place that keeps everybody on your team, whether they're outsourced or not, on the same page. This is the game plan, like a football team or basketball team would use so everybody knows what to do when X happens. So no matter what phases the clients are in or what phase the business is in, everybody's playing from the same gamebook. This is how we really unlock a tremendous amount of joy for you as the entrepreneur inside of your own business.
  2. The Content Matrix
    1. A structured, matrix of content that's ready to go. It only takes a few hours of entrepreneur time to create over a year of lead-generating content that can be leveraged by either yourself or a creative team to explode your brand and warm up your leads in a way that the leads are coming in pre-qualified, pre-sold pre-warmed up.
  3. The Entrepreneur's Journey
    1.  An expanded view of what we talked about in the 5 min fix. We're really going to isolate the best times to warm up these leads and how and when it’s most efficient. We work with your business cycle, your personal emotional cycles, and then your target markets.  Where they fit, where they're coming from, where they're going to, and how we can really jump in there at the most opportune times to bring them on board, to nurture them.