Thank you for booking a call.


  • Thank you for booking a call with me.  I am very excited to meet you and to hear about you and your journey as an entrepreneur!
  • There are a lot of people out there making a bunch of noise about how to do social media marketing, I personally get 1-2 text messages per day with offers to ghostwrite my next book, or design my next logo, My email is jammed up with all of these strategies, tips, tricks…
  • NONE of them are actually interested in helping clients get leads who are already warm and ready to buy. It’s just not happening in a clear easy to use way, like we have right here.
  • In our call, we are going to talk over some of the rumors being taught about engaging new leads and how those rumors are holding you back without even knowing it. 
  • The marketing world is changing. There is so much new and “perceived” unknown out there and the majority of marketing information is either old or based on speculation. That's why it's so so so important to jump on this call together.