The Most “Coach-Friendly” System For Building Credibility and Getting High Quality Leads.

How Established Coaches

Influence and Connect with High Paying Leads

without long-winded discovery calls.


No Nerdy Technology
No Scary "Artificial Intelligence"
No Wasted Time

Here's What You'll Discover:

  • NEVER waste another Dollar Hiring copywriters. Typical marketing results in "typical" cold leads. Your dream clients, however, are just as unique as your coaching processes. Building out a "Business Playbook" eliminates the mistakes made by cookie-cutter marketing.
  • How to turn every small efforts into a Huge Results.  You come up with the ideas and then watch those ideas turn into Books, Courses, White pagers, Blogs.... Even future content streams that haven't even been invented yet!
  • The Secret to Writing your own Book in under 2 weeks.  Even if you've never written a book before and without ever picking up an old fashioned yellow pencil or sitting at the keyboard staring at a screen.
  • A Stealth way to build lead-generating content that keeps them coming back for more.  This little know trick makes your marketing meaningful rather than "sales pitchy". The "Content Matrix" does a FAR better job connecting with clients than any direct approach can.
  • The Three steps to attracting prospects who are ready to buy. In order to turn more leads into consulting clients, you have to hold their hand down the buying path.  Typically this means you have to take time away from the parts of the business you LOVE in order to walk this path with each lead. We’ll break down each of the 3 stages and show how your systems can do the heavy lifting while you focus on what you love to do.
  • How to have foreplay with your coaching business. Being a consultant and coach is a lot like being in a relationship.  It takes time to find what you want, and it takes work to keep the relationship strong and healthy.  Being passionate and in love with your business should be easy and enjoyable.
Jim Speth

Jim Speth

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