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How to Eliminate Destructive Patterns, Mental Blocks, & Failed Goals.

7 Hero Mind is a breakthrough holistic natural healing book that shows readers how to unlock their internal heroes, using ancient and modern balanced living techniques.

Taking a holistic learning approach, 7 Hero Mind uses sensory, mind, and body practices to help increase self-love and acceptance, improve relationships and dating, as well as tips on living with hard people.

“Understanding myself using the 7 heroes has helped me show up confidently in any situation."

7 Hero Mind is a must-read for anyone wanting to live a well-balanced and healthy interpersonal life.

Human nature’s temptation to sit back and let life happen is nothing but an emotional counterfeit for happiness and success.

The relentless chaos that comes from this mindset keeps us repeating bad habits and robs us of our potential as heroes of our own life stories.

Often people struggle with the same emotional issues over and over. Counseling, therapy, yoga, prayer, energy work, and brute force seem to work for a short time and then some version of the same old problem resurfaces, sinking your self-esteem and wreaking havoc on your life goals.

The good news is that there are 7 distinct heroes inside you that go to battle daily to help you achieve happiness, success, and influence.

Using easy-to-implement ancient strategies and modern science, the 7 Hero Mind guides you in understanding and utilizing the 7 heroes to become the author and main hero of your own life’s success story.

James Speth


Jim is an entertaining speaker and guide who is uniquely creative and analytical - an empathetic data-driven problem solver as well as a witty and innovative generator of ideas, beauty, and fun. 

As an integrative wellness & life coach, he helps others tap into the limitless ability of their brains to turn complex & traumatic situations into beautiful life stories. 

An entertaining speaker, Jim has been invited onto international stages, motivated thousands onto their feet, and inspired corporate boardrooms. His passion for human life has led to his documentary and humanitarian work in Ethiopia, Peru, and Mexico. 




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