Hi there!

I’m so happy that you’re here and reading this. Even though I may not know you, I’m honored to be part of your experience in learning about the moon and its influence in your life.

There’s one theme that guides my work and it can be summarized with this,

“There’s room for magic and inspiration. There’s room to live a better story.” -Jamie Tworkowski

I believe in and have witnessed the magic of aligning ourselves with natural cycles and rhythms. The way in which we connect to the subtle influences around us is staggering and important. It’s a valuable part of our story. This step, this right now, is a beautiful place to begin, my friend. 

Can I share a bit of my own journey? I began tracking the lunar cycle over 5 years ago, but my connection with the moon started long before that.

At the age of 17, I had a pivotal wilderness experience. This eventually led to an internship the summer before my senior year in college at a scout ranch in Northeastern New Mexico. New Mexico is well-known for its sunsets and this area was also well-known for its lightning storms. I became very accustomed to looking up! I was always observing the sky, noticing patterns, and planning my day around weather cycles. This is where I gained a keen awareness of the moon. I felt her, more than just noticed her. She has been very present in my life ever since. I have also since been gifted with spending well over 400 nights sleeping in the wilderness, under the noticeable influence of the moon.

Many years later I began tracking my menstrual cycle in an effort to heal debilitating menstrual cramps, which gave me a new awareness of my body and rhythm. Around the same time, I learned about the practicality of the lunar cycle and its resemblance to our menstrual cycle. Out of curiosity I began tracking the moon, not realizing how much it would resonate. I began to experience growth and awareness like I never had before.

Hours and years of observing, reading, studying, and having impactful experiences with the moon has now led to my work today. Luna has inspired me to live with more intention, generating magic over and over again. She has taught me to honor my natural ebbs and flows. She has reminded me that there is a time and season for everything. Sinking into her influence has changed everything for me. 

Now I get to share this passion with you! The truth is - I can’t stop sharing. Too many women have experienced a shift in both their paradigm and approach by implementing these ideas. 

They have learned to be more gentle with themselves and connected to natural influences. 

They have learned to be creators. 

It’s beautiful. 

Over the next few videos I am going to:

  • Show you why we as women have a special connection to the moon 
  • Teach how the moon cycle resembles your menstrual cycle
  • Examine the gifts and challenges of the four phases of the moon and menstrual cycle 
  • Teach you how to optimize each phase in your work, relationships, and social gatherings
  • Give you my best tips for healthy hormones

I will also give you the tools to begin tracking the lunar cycle alongside your menstrual cycle, complete with downloadable forms for you to use any time you want.

These ideas are SO important for you to be able to honor natural ebbs and flows, and to manifest the life you want. The moon reminds us that we are meant to have desires, to push towards light. Both cycles remind us that there are times for action and focus as well as times for retreating and reflecting. There is so much to glean from cycles.

Nature and the cosmos and our biological rhythms are our greatest teachers. What’s going on around you and within you? What do you see in the sky, feel in the air? What peaks and valleys do you experience in your energy? What messages are you getting? Tuning into those messages adds incredible depth and meaning to your experience.

So let’s dig in!

All my best,


P.S. Can I give you a little actio step? Start spending a few minutes each night observing the moon! Just watch, tune in, and give gratitude for this beautiful, giant story in the sky.