Living by the light of the moon teaches us about abundance and is essential to the process of manifestation. Abundance creates an atmosphere in which you are open to receiving all that the universe has to offer. Not only does abundance carve out a path to openly receiving, but it keeps us in a state of recognizing what we already have.

The biggest culprit of an abundance mindset is fear. Fear forces us into scarcity, which makes us feel like we can never be who we want to be, say what we want to say, truly have our needs met, or feel safe and connected in this world.

How do we battle fear? I don't care to complicate things, so let's look at the obvious - the antidote to fear is simply, fearlessness. 

Can you remember a time when you acted in fearlessness, even just for a moment? Do you recall the fullness it created in you? I rode a scary roller coaster for the first time in the 6th grade and I walked off feeling like I could take on the world. That is the blessed feeling of abundance. 

How do we claim fearlessness? I have two simple steps:

1) Act in courage, even when it's hard.

2) Choose to grow from the outcome, regardless of what it is. 

3) Repeat steps 1 and 2.

The 2nd step is often what prevents us from going back to the first step. What if you fail? What if you don't get that job or that date or things don't go as you imagined? Friends, welcome to humanity. We try, we fail or we don't, we learn what we need to, we readjust or we let go, and we try again. Failure is only a stepping stone because every life experience is meant for our growth. Let's be open to receiving all that the universe has to offer, which includes letting go of our own ideas about how that should look. 

I invite you to ask yourself this question: What would it take to approach my life with fearlessness? 

Dig in, meditate on this, write down your thoughts, and then ask it again. You are meant to live an abundant life. It's best to take it seriously.