When writing purposeful thoughts, remember five things:  PRESENT, POSITIVE, SPECIFIC, GRATITUDE, BELIEVABLE.


Write your thoughts in the present tense, as if the thing you desire has already come to pass.

“I am enjoying my new job”


Write your thoughts in the positive so that you’re affirming what you want, rather than what you don’t want.  

“I am enjoying my new job” (positive). The emphasis is on the new job.


“I am no longer unemployed”(negative). The emphasis is on your current unemployment.


What do you want? Be specific!

“I am enjoying my new job as a copy writer for ABC company”

If it’s difficult for you to be specific, it’s a good time to tune into your desires to really discover what you want. This is important!  


Purposeful thoughts should always include gratitude for what’s to come. Gratitude is key to manifestation and to our feeling of abundance.

“I am grateful for the new job I am enjoying as a copywriter for ABC company.”


This new thought has to resonate with you! Do you believe it when you say it? Can you feel into this thought? Where is the evidence surrounding you that this is possible? Write down the evidence along with the new thought and remember that evidence every time you repeat this purposeful thought.